Funding status:

Up to $83 million available Aug. 10. No pause for drayage or public entities.


Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to HVIP’s new and improved website!
The HVIP website has undergone some upgrades to make information and resources more easily accessible for all.
  • Fleets can start with the Purchasers Page. There you can learn how to participate in HVIP and access other helpful resources. Such resources include funding tools, infrastructure planning toolkits, and more.
  • Fleets can also visit the Vehicles Page. There you can browse the HVIP Eligible Vehicles catalog and find Approved Dealers.
  • Dealers and manufacturers can start with the Sellers Page. There you can find information on becoming an HVIP Approved Dealer or offering HVIP-eligible vehicles.
Check the website for all the latest updates, news, and events.
If you need assistance with navigating the new website, please contact us.

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