HVIP Wave 3 Summary and Waitlist (11/15/2021)

HVIP Wave 3 Funding Summary and Waitlist
November 15, 2021

HVIP opened to new voucher requests at 10 a.m. Thursday, October 28, and all available funds, $63 million, were requested within 9 minutes. This was the third and final wave of funding for 2021.

Although HVIP remains temporarily closed to most new voucher requests until more funds, additional funding will be available in 2022. In the meantime, HVIP will continue to support voucher requests for Class 8 zero-emission tractors performing drayage operations NOW with a drayage waitlist, in order to help advance this key zero-emission market segment.

A waitlist is now open for dealers/manufacturers who sell HVIP-eligible class 8 tractors performing drayage operations, that are currently on the HVIP-eligible vehicles list as Drayage Capable. Dealers/manufacturers must be currently on the HVIP-eligible dealer list at Drayage dealers/manufacturers received additional instructions via email earlier today about how to participate; if you are a drayage dealer/manufacturer who currently participates in HVIP and have not received instructions, please reach out to

This waitlist also currently includes ANY eligible voucher requests that were submitted after funding was fully requested during the wave 3 opening on October 28, but BEFORE HVIP closed later that same morning. Dealers can determine whether their vouchers are on the waitlist if the “Waitlist” checkbox in the Voucher Details tab of the online Voucher Processing Center is checked on those vouchers. Voucher requests without the checkbox checked are unfunded, based on timestamp. Affected dealers have already been notified. Please contact for information about the status of specific vouchers.

The CARB Board will consider the FY21-22 Funding Plan for Clean Transportation Investments, including funding for HVIP, at the Friday, November 19 Board meeting. The Funding Plan includes historic levels of funding for zero-emission technologies. More information about 2022 funding will be announced when available from CARB.

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