Funding Updates

HVIP remains open for all vehicle types. The table below shows currently available funds, and will continue to be updated daily during business hours. Dealers will also be advised of funding status via the online Voucher Processing Center portal. If you have voucher-specific questions, please contact [email protected].

On November 17, 2022, the California Air Resources Board approved the FY22-23 Funding Plan for Clean Transportation Incentives, which includes policy changes and an allocation of over $1.7 billion to be administered by HVIP.

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Available Funding

This table is updated daily during business hours.

Funding Category  FY21-22 Funding Remaining Total FY22-23 Funding 
Standard HVIP $62M* Remaining $250M**
Transit $46M Remaining $65M
Public School Bus Set-Aside FY21/22 Public School Bus Set-Aside is fully subscribed. School bus funding is also available in Standard HVIP. $117M: See Purchasers page for updates about the timeline for opening of this set-aside for FY22-23.   
Drayage Truck FY 21/22 drayage truck set-aside is fully subscribed. Drayage truck funding is also available in Standard HVIP. $147M**
Innovative Small e-Fleet FY21/22 ISEF is closed for voucher requests. Small fleets can be funded through Standard HVIP. $33M: See the Purchasers page for updates about opening of this set-aside for FY22-23.
Local Education Agency School Bus Replacement Grants     Funds to be available in FY23-24

As of 5/25/23

Note: Public School Bus and ISEF set-asides have separate policies and Implementation Manuals from the other set-asides. See

*The funding amount for Standard HVIP fluctuates due to the determination of valid voucher requests, voucher enhancements, and cancellations.

**Out of these funds, 70% of Standard HVIP and the Drayage set-aside will be reserved for private fleets with 100 vehicles or fewer and all public fleets, starting January 1, 2023. If more than $100 million remains in the reserve on July 1, 2023, HVIP will release 30% of the remaining funding to private fleets with more than 100 vehicles. If funding remains in the reserve on November 1, 2023, HVIP will open all remaining HVIP standard funding and drayage set-aside funding to private fleets with more than 100 vehicles. The reserve only applies to the FY22-23 allocation – any remaining FY21-22 funds will be available for fleets of all sizes. 

for Small Fleets

Effective 1/1/23, fleets size 10 vehicles and smaller can combine state funding sources with HVIP if the other program allows stacking, each incentive program is not paying for the same incremental cost, and the non-HVIP incentive program is not required to generate greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Programs that can now be stacked with HVIP for small fleets include Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program and the CARB Truck Loan Assistance Program. A list with additional programs is expected to be published in the FY22-23 Implementation Manual in early 2023.

For other information on stacking, see page 28 in the FY21-22 Implementation Manual. Per the IM, transit buses operated by or on behalf of a city or county government; a transportation district / transit district; or a public agency, including paratransit and microtransit services may stack State-funded incentives with HVIP regardless of fleet size. When stacking HVIP vouchers with other funding sources for public transit buses, HVIP funding may be combined with the provision that HVIP will only fund the remaining cost up to the maximum voucher amount after the other incentives have been applied at their maximum allowable amounts.

See the next section (Fleet Size Adjustment & Bulk Purchase Requirements) for details of HVIP’s fleet size definition.

Fleet Size Adjustments
and Bulk Purchase Requirements

Starting Jan. 1, 2023, voucher amounts will be modified according to the table below. Voucher requests from fleets with 100 or more vehicles with a GVWR greater than 8,500 lbs under common ownership and control and domiciled in California, will not progress to the status of “Funded” in the VPC until on or after April 3, 2023, to allow for the release of a new Implementation Manual, dealer training, and necessary system updates.

Voucher Adjustment Type and Adjustment to Base Amount
Public and Private fleets with 10 or fewer MHD vehicles: +15%
Private fleets with 101 – 500 MHD vehicles: -20%
Private fleets with more than 500 MHD vehicles: -50%

NOTE: Voucher base adjustments will be applied first and will compound with other modifiers. For example, a purchase of a Class 8 battery-electric truck ($120,000) by a private fleet with 150 vehicles (-20 percent) that will be used for drayage operations (+25 percent) would receive the adjusted base voucher amount ($96,000) plus the sum of its modifier ($96,000 *25 percent = $24,000), or $120,000.

California Native American Tribal Governments and 501(c)(3) nonprofits are exempt from the reductions above. Additionally, purchases of fuel cell vehicles are not subject to the reductions.

Also starting Jan. 1, 2023, a Bulk Purchase requirement is in effect for private fleets with 501 or more vehicles with a GVWR greater than 8,500 lbs under common ownership and control and domiciled in California. Also, such fleets can only request vouchers for vehicles domiciled in a Disadvantaged Community (DAC).

The Bulk PO will be required to be uploaded to the VPC when the voucher batch progresses to the status of Funded on or after April 3, 2023. Specifically, the PO must be for at least 30 HVIP eligible vehicles, and the HVIP incentive will be applied only for vehicles purchased above 30. The non-HVIP-funded vehicles in the bulk order do not need to be domiciled in a DAC. The existing fleet voucher request limit of 30 vouchers per fleet per year (50 vouchers for drayage trucks) continues to apply, regardless of the size of the bulk order. POs can be no older than 3/30/22.

Fleet Size Definition: Fleet size includes all vehicles with a GVWR greater than 8,500 lbs under common ownership or control and domiciled in California, including unregistered and inoperable vehicles. Unredeemed HVIP vouchers count toward this total. For example, a fleet with 8 vehicles with a GVWR greater than 8,500 lbs under common ownership or control and domiciled in California that also has 4 existing unredeemed voucher requests does not qualify as a small fleet in HVIP. Any entity requesting more than 10 HVIP vouchers also does not qualify as a small fleet in HVIP. A fleet size of zero is not acceptable. If a voucher represents the first purchase of a vehicle with a GVWR greater than 8,500 lbs under common ownership or control and domiciled in California, a fleet size of “1” should be entered on the request. Yard trucks and other off-road vehicles do not count toward the fleet size.

FY22-23 Zero-Emission Funding Table

Vehicle Weight Class Base*
Class 2B $7,500
Class 3 $45,000
Class 4-5 $60,000
Class 6-7 $85,000
Class 8 $120,000

*The public School Bus Set-Aside and ISEF have separate voucher amounts. Visit the purchasers’ page for more information.

FY22-23 Base Voucher Amount Adjustments

Base Adjustment Type Adjustment Amount
Fleet Size Adjustments See Fleet Size Adjustments and Bulk Purchase Requirements 
Plug-in Hybrid -50%
In-Use Converted/Remanufactured -50%

The base adjustments affect the base incentive amount of a voucher. These adjustments occur before any voucher modifier is applied. If applicable, the FY22-23 voucher modifiers are applied to the adjusted base incentive amount.

FY22-23 Voucher Modifiers

Modifier Type Modifier Amount
Class 8 Drayage Truck Early Adopter* +25%
Refuse* +25%
Disadvantaged Community** +15%
Class 8 Fuel Cell +100%
Public Transit Agencies*** +15%
School Buses for Public School Districts (not including Set-Aside funds) +65%

*As part of CARB’s Refuse Reimagined initiative, a voucher enhancement of 25% is applied to HVIP eligible refuse vehicles used for solid waste collection starting November 18, 2022. This increased incentive amount is available until Dec. 31, 2023. The existing Drayage Truck Early Adopter 25% voucher enhancement is also extended until Dec. 31, 2023.

**For vehicles domiciled in a disadvantaged community that are purchased or leased by any public or private small fleet with 10 or fewer trucks or buses, and less than $50 million in annual revenue for private fleets, or for any purchase or lease by a California Native American tribal government. There is no revenue provision for public fleets.

***The Public Transit Modifier is reserved for transit buses purchased by a city or county government; a transportation district/transit district; or a public agency. Public transit includes paratransit services.

FY22-23 Eligible ePTO Voucher Table

Energy Storage Capacity Base Vehicle Incentive*
3 – 10 kWh $20,000
10 – 15 kWh $30,000
16 – 25 kWh $40,000
> 25 kWh $50,000

*Effective November 18, 2022, ePTO funding amounts may cover up to 65% of the incremental cost of the ePTO vehicle, not to exceed the funding levels listed in this table.

Example Calculation

An approved vehicle’s voucher amount is determined by multiplying the appropriate base incentive amount with applicable voucher modifiers. There can be multiple modifiers, but the additions or subtractions do not compound (except for fleet size modifiers as explained above on this page). This example is for illustrative purposes only. A local air district grant provides $100,000 to a private fleet to replace an old truck with a new $140,000 diesel truck of 35,000 lbs GVWR. HVIP augments this grant by providing a $150,000 voucher for the purchaser to upgrade to a $300,000 zero-emission truck. The zero-emission truck incremental cost is $160,000. HVIP voucher amount combined with the air district funding cannot exceed 90 percent of the zero-emission vehicle purchase cost (excluding taxes and fees). HVIP funding may not pay for any taxes or fees. Taxes and fees must be paid for by another funding source.

In this case, $150,000 HVIP voucher < $160,000 vehicle incremental cost

$100,000 district grant + $150,000 HVIP voucher = $250,000

$300,000 * 90% = $270,000

$250,000 total public funds < 270,000

The transaction can proceed without discounting HVIP voucher.

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