Funding status:

Up to $83 million available Aug. 10. No pause for drayage or public entities.

Funding Updates

The Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) opened to new voucher requests on June 8. Half of the available funds for FY20-21 have now been requested, totaling $84 million, funding over 800 vehicles.

The remaining funds, up to $83 million, will be available on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 10 a.m. Pacific on Tuesday, August 10. It is important to note, however, that Class 8 trucks performing drayage operations as well as any vehicles purchased by a public government entity are exempt from this pause.

Instructions for Submitting Vouchers During the Pause and Creating Drafts 

During the pause period, dealers requesting vouchers for public-entity purchasers and drayage can continue to create vouchers in the online Voucher Processing Center. Complete steps 1 through 4 and email to create a Purchase Order line in the documents section. Do not use the “Mark Status as Complete” button. When the request is ready to submit, Dealers requesting these vouchers must send an email to with the Voucher Request Name, and the VPC team will submit it on their behalf.

Any draft vouchers in a dealer’s online Voucher Processing Center account for non-drayage purchases by private entities will be deleted on August 6. Dealers are welcome to create drafts to practice the process, however, no drafts will remain in the queue for vouchers when requests re-open on Aug. 10.

When the second wave opens on August 10, all dealers will resume using the same VPC instructions followed on June 8. Dealers can find these instructions (step-by-step Voucher Request Guide & video tutorial) within their VPC accounts under the ‘Resources’ tab.

Funding Status

For FY20-21 funding guidelines, please see our FY20-21 Implementation Manual. To learn more about the policy changes, please read the Implementation FAQs.

Available voucher funds can be viewed in real-time in the blue bar at the top of the page of our website any time once the project reopens.

FY20-21 Funding Tables

With the goal of maintaining simplicity and a fleet-friendly process, there is only one funding table for FY 20-21.  When HVIP reopens, new vouchers will reflect these new voucher amounts. Vouchers previously requested will maintain the voucher amounts that were in place when requested.

Only vehicles domiciled in a Disadvantaged Community are eligible for the Disadvantaged Community voucher enhancement. Voucher enhancements will be applied for domicile addresses that fall within the boundaries of a SB 535 DAC using CARB’s mapping tool.

FY20-21 Zero-Emission Funding Table

Vehicle Weight Class Base
Class 2B TBD
Class 3 $45,000
Class 4-5 $60,000
Class 6-7 $85,000
Class 8 $120,000
Class 8 Drayage Truck Early Adopter* $150,000

*Drayage tractor voucher amounts revert to Class 8 voucher amounts on 12/31/2021

FY20-21 Eligible ePTO Voucher Caps

Energy Storage Capacity Base Vehicle Incentive*
3 – 10 kWh $20,000
10 – 15 kWh $30,000
> 15 kWh $40,000

*ePTO funding amounts may cover up to 50 percent of the incremental cost of the ePTO vehicle, not to exceed the funding levels listed in this table.

FY20-21 Voucher Modifiers

Voucher Modifiers (plus-ups and discounts)
Disadvantaged Community +10%
Class 8 Fuel Cell +100%
Public Transit Agencies* +15%
School Buses for Public School Districts +65%
Plug-in Hybrid -50%
In-Use Converted/Remanufactured -50%

*ThPublic Transit Modifier is reserved for transit buses purchased by a city or county government; a transportation district / transit district; or a public agency. Public transit includes paratransit services. 


FY20-21 Example Calculation

An approved vehicle’s voucher amount is determined by multiplying the appropriate base incentive amount with applicable voucher modifiers. There can be multiple modifiers, but the additions or subtractions do not compound. For example, a full-sized urban bus (class 8, $120,000), sold to a transit agency (15% x $120,000), and domiciled in a DAC (10% x $120,000) would receive the base voucher amount of $120,000 plus the sum of its modifiers ($18,000 + $12,000), or $150,000. Dealers will indicate claimed plus-up(s) when requesting a voucher. Documentation submitted during voucher request and/or redemption will be used to confirm claimed plus-up eligibility and final voucher amount.

FY19-20 Funding Tables

HVIP is no longer accepting voucher requests based on the FY19-20 Funding Tables,
but they are available for reference: 

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