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Record year for California Climate Investments: $3.1 billion invested in 2020 across California (5/10/2020)

Despite the challenges posed by a global pandemic and unprecedented heat and wildfires, 2020 was another record year for California Climate Investments with more than $3.1 billion invested in more than 51,000 projects across California’s 58 counties and with total program investments since 2014 benefitting priority populations topping $4 billion. Projects implemented in 2020 alone will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 18 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent over the course of their lifetimes.

Of the $3.1 billion investment in 2020, $1 billion is benefiting disadvantaged and low-income communities and households — collectively referred to as priority populations. To date, more than $4 billion in California Climate Investments funds have benefited priority populations — nearly half of all project investments.

Nearly a half million projects have been funded so far since the first California Climate Investments appropriations were made in 2014. These projects are providing substantial benefits to communities across the state while making significant greenhouse gas emission reductions. To date, California Climate Investments projects are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 66 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent during their lifetimes, not including an additional 102 million metric tons expected from a completed High-Speed Rail project. The $3.1 billion 2020 investment included nearly $1.4 billion in funds implemented last year by the California High-Speed Rail Authority.

Select highlights from the 2021 Annual Report include:
• More than 40,000 consumer rebates issued for zero-emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles, with a growing percentage, 38 percent last year, going to lower-income applicants
• 2,462 new, affordable housing units under contract
• 128,000 acres of land preserved, restored or treated
• 148,000 tons of waste diverted from landfills
• 341 million gallons (gas and diesel) fuel use avoided
• 500,000 trees planted

More information can be found in the eblast announcements one and two and on California Climate Investments’ website.

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