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CCI Reports Implementation of $9 Billion in Projects to Reduce GHG

August 24, 2021
California Climate Investments Reports Implementation of $9 Billion in Projects to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

California officials say clean vehicle purchases and new projects that have come online since December 2020 will eliminate 11,000 tons of air pollutants and toxics from California’s air. The California Air Resources Board administers the California Climate Investments program, funded with proceeds from the State’s Cap-and-Trade GHG emissions reduction program.

Since 2013, the Legislature has appropriated $15.4 billion in California Climate Investments funds for projects statewide, $9 billion of which are either underway or completed. Approximately $4.5 billion of all implemented funds directly benefit California’s priority populations, which include disadvantaged and low-income communities and low-income households statewide. California Climate Investments will provide about 70 million metric tons of GHG emissions reductions, the equivalent of taking 14 million cars off the road for a year. This does not include expected GHG emissions reductions attributable to the High-Speed Rail project.

More than 20 state agencies manage investments in over 70 programs. New investments since December 2020 total 53,800 projects and will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promote a healthier California through these projects, including 51,000 rebates for the purchase of zero-emission vehicles and 697 affordable housing units.

More information can be found in the eblast and on CCI’s website.

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