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HVIP Completes Successful Relaunch and Remains Open – Continue to Apply Today!

Funding summaries by category are now available on the Funding Page.

HVIP re-opened to voucher requests at 10:00 a.m. Pacific on March 30, 2022.

HVIP still remains open for all voucher requests, including standard HVIP funds, and the set-asides for transit and school buses. While funds specifically set aside for drayage trucks have been fully subscribed, requests for drayage and all class 8 tractors will continue to be accepted and funded out of standard HVIP funds as described below.

In total, nearly $430 million was made available, and in the first 24 hours, a cumulative total of $272 million was requested across standard HVIP funds and the set-asides for drayage trucks, transit, and school buses. All requests are being funded based on timestamp without the need for a randomization process.

Dealers and purchasers have now been notified about funding being set aside for vouchers submitted during the first 24 hours. If you have voucher-specific questions, please contact [email protected].

Funding status confirmations will continue to be sent as more voucher requests come in; requests are first-come, first-served except for the Public School Bus Set-Aside for Small and Medium Air Districts.

Please note that the Public School Bus Set-Aside for Small and Medium Air Districts has a 90-day application window, the first day of which was March 30, with specific prioritization criteria during that timeline for disadvantaged communities. More details are at including upcoming training opportunities for dealers and purchasers.

An additional set-aside, the Innovative Small E-Fleets project, will open later this year with differing rules and structure than all other HVIP funding categories. Please see more details at and contact [email protected].

Funding updates will continue to be posted at – including data about voucher requests.

Interested in Infrastructure Incentives?

The California Energy Commission’s EnergIIZE Commercial Vehicles Project for medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission infrastructure has funding available for HVIP-funded vehicles! More details will be announced soon. If you are participating in the School Bus Set-Aside for Small and Medium Air Districts, EnergIIZE may be able to work with you to provide infrastructure funding and technical assistance. For other HVIP-funded vehicles, infrastructure funds are not set-aside specifically, but still are available via EnergIIZE Funding Lanes. Visit to learn more.

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