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HVIP anticipates accepting new voucher requests on June 8, 2021.

Lightning Systems FE4-86/129 Bus (Ford E-450 with Lightning Electric Powertrain)

Incentive amount
  • $60,000
MY19 Lightning Systems EV E 450 Bus 191017
25 - 29 ft
Class 4
129 kWh, 86 kWh
Model year
Battery Electric?Refers to any vehicle that produces no emissions when stationary or operating. Battery electric-powered vehicle technologies have been proven to emit zero emissions when powering medium and heavy-duty vehicles and therefore are eligible for HVIP. Other technologies which emit zero-emissions when in operation may be considered for HVIP eligibility on a case-by-case basis.
Vehicle Type
Shuttle Bus
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Approved Dealers


A-Z Bus Sales, Inc.

Blue Bird, Lightning Systems, Micro Bird, SEA Electric

1900 S Riverside Avenue
Colton, California 92324

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Lightning Systems

Lightning Systems

815 14th St SW
Suite A100, Loveland Colorado

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Midway Ford Truck Center

Lightning Systems, ROUSH CleanTech

7601 NE 38th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64161

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Lightning Systems FF5-128/160 Bus (Ford F-550 with Lightning Electric Powertrain)

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Lightning Systems

Lightning Systems FT3-43/86 Bus (Ford Transit T-350 with Lightning Electric Powertrain)

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LionM 1 7 2019
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Lion Electric LIONM Paratransit Bus

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  • $85,000

Phoenix Motorcars ZEUS 400 Transit Bus

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  • Class 4
Incentive Amount
  • $60,000

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