State HVIP Funds Now Qualify as Local Match for FTA Low/No Applications

February 26, 2024

Learn how to apply for HVIP funding, and how to use HVIP incentives as your local match for an FTA Low/No application in Transit Talks: Leveraging State & Federal Funding for Transit, featuring CALSTART’s Hannah Hamilton, Project Manager 2; and Katrina Bayer, Lead Project Manager, California Transit Bus.

California HVIP offers state incentives of up to $240,000* off of the purchase price of a zero-emission bus. HVIP funds are available now, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. As of this writing, $84 million is available for transit bus incentives.  Funds are updated daily at

Also, public transit entities qualify for a 15% increase in HVIP base voucher amounts. Small transit entities with 20 M/HD vehicles or fewer qualify for a doubled incentive amount. (Yes; you read that right—doubled base vouchers!) Letters of Intent dated no earlier than 1/1/2024 qualify to reserve HVIP funds for your local match.

Which zero-emission bus makes and models are eligible?  Go to to take a look.  (A purchase order will be required within six months).  Funds will be reserved for your purchase for up to 36 months.

After watching this video, if you still have questions, go to: or email Hannah Hamilton at [email protected].

*HVIP incentive amounts vary

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