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HVIP FAQs and FY22-23 Updates

FAQs are now available to guide participants through the previously-announced FY22-23 HVIP policy changes. See These FAQs help guide participants through important policies and requirements, in advance of the publication of the FY22-23 Implementation Manual.

Fleet Size Adjustments and Bulk Purchase Requirement

Starting in early April, dealers who have requested vouchers for private fleets with more than 500 vehicles above 8,500 lbs (under common ownership or control and domiciled in California) since January 1, 2023 will be contacted by the HVIP Voucher Processing Center Team about their bulk purchase requirement.

Also starting in early April, fleet size adjustments of -20% from the base voucher amount for private fleets with 101-500 vehicles above 8,500 lbs (under common ownership or control and domiciled in California), and -50% for those with more than 500, will be reflected in the online Voucher Processing Center.

These policy changes have been in effect since January 1, 2023 but will be visible in the online Voucher Processing Center, including on the Request Form, starting in early April.

Expanded DAC Definition

Effective for vouchers requested starting April 3, 2023, HVIP defines Disadvantaged Community (DAC) eligibility as a vehicle domicile address in any of the following areas of the map at

  • Disadvantaged Communities (orange area on map legend)
  • Disadvantaged and Low-Income Communities (pink area on map legend)
  • Low Income Communities within ½ mile of a Disadvantaged Community (yellow area on map legend) and
  • Low Income Households within ½ mile of a Disadvantaged Community (green striped area on map legend)

Transit Procurement

  • Effective April 3, 2023, a Letter of Intent (LOI) is permitted for transit agencies in lieu of a purchase order at the point of voucher request submission. The date of signature on the LOI may be no earlier than January 1, 2023. A purchase order (or other binding agreement) will be required within 6 months of submission, otherwise the voucher requests will be cancelled. A sample LOI is available at
  • The redemption requirement is extended from 18 months to 36 months for transit vouchers. The 36-month lifetime of a voucher will retroactively affect transit vouchers submitted prior to April 3, 2023.
  • For non-transit requests, binding purchase orders are required, dated no older than March 30, 2022.

FY 22-23 Funding Allocation

CARB’s FY22-23 Funding Plan for Clean Transportation Incentives includes the previously-announced policy changes and an allocation of over $1.7 billion to be administered by HVIP.

  • HVIP Standard: $265 million
  • Zero-Emission Public Transit Buses: $70 million
  • Zero-Emission Public School Buses (through the existing Public School Bus Set Aside): $117 million
  • Zero-Emission Drayage Trucks: $157 million
  • Innovative Small E-Fleets (ISEF): $35 million
  • Local Education Agency School Bus Replacement Grants: $1.125 billion, to be awarded in $225 million increments between FY23-24 and FY27-28.

These funds add to the funding that still remains at Incentives remain AVAILABLE NOW for all vehicle types.

Dealer Training

Mandatory Dealer Training for new and returning dealers is underway. For more information, see

Coming Up Next

Make sure you are signed up at so you don’t miss upcoming information about the HVIP Implementation Manual, as well as timelines for set-aside funds for Innovative Small E-Fleets, Local Educational Agency School Bus Replacement Grants, and the Public School Bus Set-Aside. Visit CARB’s Low Carbon Transportation Program for upcoming public engagement opportunities.

Updated March 22, 2023

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