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HVIP anticipates accepting new voucher requests in spring 2021, when FY20-21 funds are available.

Past event

Workshop on California Climate Investments Fourth Triennial Investment Plan (2/23/2020)

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) invites you to participate in a virtual public workshop on the development of the California Climate Investments Fourth Triennial Investment Plan (Investment Plan). Every three years, the Department of Finance, in consultation with CARB and other State agencies, submits an Investment Plan to the Legislature to guide the investment of Cap-and-Trade auction proceeds. The Fourth Triennial Investment Plan will cover Fiscal Years 2022-23 through 2024-25 and is due to the Legislature in January 2022. Over the course of 2021, CARB will work with the Department of Finance, other State agencies, and interested stakeholders to identify potential priority investments to recommend in the Investment Plan. Investment recommendations identified in the Investment Plan do not guarantee funding but rather provide guidance to the Legislature on potential funding opportunities. This initial public workshop provides the public with an opportunity to learn more and share early input on investment priorities for consideration in the Investment Plan. The workshop will be held via Zoom webinar at the following date and time:

Date:          February 23, 2021
Time:          3:30 p.m – 5:00 p.m.
Location:    Virtual Workshop

The presentation and any additional supporting materials will be posted to the Investment Plan webpage ahead of the workshop. This webpage also contains more information about the Investment Plan as well as outreach materials for the workshop, including an event flyer.

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