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California HVIP Estimated Balance: $2,366,955
San Joaquin Valley "Plus-Up" Estimated Balance: $0
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HVIP Overview
HVIP aids the introduction of hybrid and electric trucks and buses by reducing the purchase price of these vehicles in California. HVIP works through a series of Authorized Dealers through which all fleets may purchase vehicles. All fleets are eligible for HVIP funding on a per-vehicle basis, detailed in the tables below. Interested fleets should visit the "For Fleets" page to learn more.   

E-Truck and Bus Voucher Amounts
Base vouchers can cover up to $110,000 toward the purchase of any zero-emission truck or bus in the HVIP! Please see the table below (Table 2 on page 12 of the HVIP Implementation Manual).  

FY14 ZEV funding levels
Disadvantaged communities are identified as areas within the top 20 percent in the CalEnviroScreen 2.0 census tool. Click here for the Disadvantaged Communities map, enter the vehicle domicile address, and left-click on the result to see if your electric truck vouchers are eligible for the additional funding detailed in the table above. Hybrid vehicles are not eligible for the additional disadvantaged community funding. 

Hybrid Truck and Bus Voucher Amounts
Base vouchers for hybrid trucks and buses will remain at their previous levels and are shown in the table below: 

FY14 Hybrid funding levels
HVIP Adder Funds to Increase Voucher Amounts
There are additional funds available for individual vouchers beyond the "first three" adder described in the tables above, these include: 
-Plug-In or Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles
-Hybrid or Zero-Emission School Buses
-ARB-Certified Hybrid Vehicles
-Battery-Electric Fast-Charging or Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
-Aerial Boom w/ePTO Vehicles that are not Hybrids (see Eligible Vehicle List)
-Manufacturer-provided Extended Warranties
-Early-OBD Compliance by Hybrid Vehicles

HVIP Online Rulebook for Additional Guidance
For more details on the HVIP program, or how to request vouchers for both hybrid and zero-emission trucks and buses, please see the HVIP Implementation ManualIf you have any additional questions, please contact the HVIP toll-free hotline at 888-457-HVIP (888-457-4847).

How to Purchase a Vehicle
Prospective purchasers should review the Eligible Vehicle and Dealer Lists. For dealers who have not yet been trained, make sure to get trained as soon as possible on the eligibility and application process. 

San Joaquin Valley HVIP "Plus-up" is now fully subscribed
The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVACPCD) "Plus-up" funding has now been fully requested. The HVIP Team will notify the HVIP community if more funding becomes available. 

HVIP Mailing List
If you are not already receiving HVIP emails and wish to do so, please contact Ted Bloch-Rubin at CALSTART to get on the list.

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