Funding status:

HVIP anticipates accepting new voucher requests in spring 2021, when FY20-21 funds are available.


Updated Requirements for Low NOx Refuse Trucks

Purchases of new 8.9L Low NOx natural gas refuse collection and roll-off vehicles that replace existing natural gas vehicles are not eligible for voucher requests.

Purchases of new 8.9L Low NOx natural gas refuse collection and roll-off vehicles that replace existing diesel vehicles are eligible for voucher requests.

Purchases of new 8.9-L Low NOx natural gas transfer vehicles remain eligible, regardless of whether they replace a diesel vehicle or not.

Eligibility requirements for 8.9-L Low NOx vehicles that replace diesel vehicles:

  • The new Low NOx vehicle needs to be domiciled and operated within a 100-mile driving radius of the diesel vehicle it is replacing. If the replacement vehicle is more than 100 miles from the replaced vehicle, but still in the same service territory, the fleet can request an exception with a letter detailing the new vehicle’s service territory.
  • Proof of California vehicle registration, active at time of voucher request, is required for the diesel vehicle that is being replaced. There is no requirement to substantiate that the diesel vehicle has been replaced. Each diesel vehicle can only count once as a replaced vehicle. The fleet shall also identify the domicile location of each replaced diesel vehicle. The replaced diesel vehicle needs to be a collection or roll-off vehicle.

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