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HVIP Dealer Training: Participation Details for New and Approved HVIP Dealers

Two informative emails were issued on May 6th 2021, one for new dealers who are not yet HVIP approved and the other for HVIP approved dealers who have at some point participated in as dealers. The following information clarifies HVIP dealer training steps for both dealer types. 

HVIP Dealer Training for NEW Dealers 

This email went to Individuals who requested HVIP dealer training between December 2020 and May 2021 as well as active (logged into the VPC within the last 365 days) HVIP approved dealers. This email was shared with HVIP approved dealers for the purpose of sharing with colleagues considering HVIP dealer training. HVIP approved dealers can ignore the requirements outlined in this email 

There is one important update to the instructions for new dealers – once you have read the training materials, completed the quiz and have submitted your documents, you can register for your HVIP dealer training phone call directly from the Calendly sign up page. Each session will be conducted in a group of no more than 15 dealers. Please be sure to send each of the following to BEFORE scheduling your dealer training call; Dealer Registration Form, W9 and copy of dealer license. 

Reminder: HVIP is concerned with approving/certifying individual salespeople, there is no certification of dealerships or organizations as a whole. This may be confused with other funding programs that require dealerships be registered.

HVIP Required Refresher for APPROVED Dealers 

This email went to all individuals who have participated in HVIP as HVIP approved dealers (past or present) with the exception of those who have unsubscribed from the HVIP mailing list. 

If you plan on requesting vouchers as an already HVIP approved dealer, you must follow the instructions provided in the email. You do NOT need to take the HVIP Dealer Training Quiz (not to be confused with the HVIP Refresher Quiz) if you have logged into the VPC in last year. You will be required to achieve 100% on the HVIP Dealer Training Quiz within 3 attempts if it has been more than a year since you last accessed the VPC.  

Anyone who is unable to attend the HVIP Required Refresher on May 17th will need to watch the recording of it once its release and complete the accompanying HVIP Refresher Quiz to request vouchers. If you were unable to attend the HVIP Required Refresher for HVIP Approved dealers on May 17th, the recording is now available at the top of the page on the HVIP Refresher Quiz

For those who already have access to the VPC: participation in the HVIP Required Refresher will be documented for every approved dealer. Nonparticipation in the required materials by June 2nd will be recorded. In the case that any of your vouchers require special approval from CARB through a case-by-case request, your noncompliance will be brought into consideration. 

Dealers who attended the HVIP Required Refresher AND already have access to the VPC OR have completed the HVIP Dealer Training Quiz are considered compliant with the HVIP approved dealer requirements and are all set to request vouchers starting June 8th.

Reminder: HVIP is concerned with approving/certifying individual salespeople, there is no certification of dealerships or organizations as a whole. This may be confused with other funding programs that require dealerships be registered.

Both new and approved dealers should note that HVIP funds will be released in two waves. On June 8th, half of HVIP’s available funds will be available for voucher requests. Once half of the funds have been requested, the program will “pause” new voucher requests for all except those going to public fleets and drayage purchases (details on this exception coming soon). New voucher requests will resume on August 10th.  

Dealers who are pressed for time or are not yet ready to request vouchers for their orders can rest assured that funding will be available later this summer. 

Please contact if you have any questions.  

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