HVIP Dealer Training / Guidance For Wave 3 Participation

HVIP dealer training opens Thursday, October 7th for individuals who had not completed training this summer. Wave 3 of HVIP voucher funds are expected to be available this fall. An opening date and more information will be released when available by the California Air Resources Board. The first two waves of this year’s funds were in June and August, and that funding was fully requested in each wave.

Key Dates for New Dealers:

  • Individuals who have NOT expressed interest in becoming an HVIP approved dealer have until Monday, October 18th to contact if they wish to request vouchers this fall!.
  • All dealer training requirements must be completed by Monday, October 25th in order for unapproved dealers to get access to the online Voucher Processing Center (VPC) in advance of the release of the third wave of funds this fall.

Detailed Summary for New Dealers

The following are the required steps for becoming an HVIP approved dealer:

  1. Review the HVIP training materials:
  2. Complete the HVIP Dealer Training Quiz. Dealers need to score 100% on the quiz within 3 attempts in order to avoid additional training.
  3. Send confirmation of the completed quiz to A copy of the dealer license, W9, and completed Dealer Registration Form should also be submitted at this time.
  4. Confirm whether or not you would like to participate in the HVIP dealer training phone call.
    • The dealer training phone call is set up with dealers pursuing HVIP dealer certification and is an opportunity for the dealer to confirm their understanding of the HVIP rules and requirements and ask questions about the VPC. Dealers often use this time to clarify the rules in the HVIP Implementation Manual and talk through example scenarios.
    • Though it is strongly recommended that dealers take advantage of the HVIP dealer training call, the training call is no longer a dealer training requirement. Dealers who wish to skip this step will be considered HVIP approved dealers after successfully completing the above steps and confirming with the dealer trainer their declination to the training phone call.
      • Dealers interested in participating in the training phone call will be considered HVIP approved dealers following the completion of the call.
      • VPC accounts for approved dealers will be established no later than October 26th.
    • If you would like to sign up for the dealer training call, please sign up for a time with our Calendly link. Please be sure to send each of the following to BEFORE scheduling the dealer training call; Dealer Registration Form, W9, and copy of dealer license. 

For Returning Dealers: Important Reminders and Updates

  • A new Voucher Request Manual and Video are now available that detail the new streamlined the voucher request process for you.
  • Previously, a completed purchaser form was a required step to submit a voucher request and “get in line” in the Voucher Processing Center for the first-come first-served voucher funds. This is no longer a requirement until later in the process, which will simplify the voucher request submission process for the dealers.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your login credentials for the online Voucher Processing Center are working in advance of Wave 3! Remember funds are first-come first-served. if you need login assistance, please reach out to
  • Sharing of credentials is prohibited. Each individual working in the VPC and requesting vouchers must complete their own training and be an Approved Dealer.
  • A purchase order or other binding sales agreement that was eligible at the time of the initial opening in June will remain eligible throughout the project year, including wave 3. More information is in the FAQs at
    • POs for private-entity purchasers can be no older than May 29, 2021
    • POs for public-entity purchasers can be no older than March 10, 2021

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