EnergIIZE Commercial Vehicles “EV Jump Start” Opens September 1, 2022

A launch date for the Energy Infrastructure Incentives for Zero-Emission (EnergIIZE) Commercial Vehicles project’s next funding lane has been set! EnergIIZE will begin accepting applications for the EV Jump Start funding wave at 9:00AM Pacific Time September 1, 2022. Applications will be accepted until 5:00PM Pacific Time Friday, September 30th, 2022. The total amount of funding available in incentives is $13.95 million for commercial vehicle infrastructure. All applications will be evaluated based on a competitive scoring rubric located in the latest version of the Implementation Manual.

The EV Jump Start Application kit includes the EnergIIZE EV Jump Start application and detailed instructions on how to apply. Please review eligibility criteria in the Implementation Manual to determine if your fleet is eligible.

The EnergIIZE Team will be hosting a EV Jump Start Application Process Workshop from 9:00AM – 10:00AM Pacific Time, August 11, 2022. The Workshop will provide a detailed walkthrough of the application process and required application documents. Register now to attend.

EnergIIZE Commercial Vehicles is a $69 million incentive project funded through the California Energy Commission and administered by CALSTART and partners at Tetra Tech and GRID Alternatives. EnergIIZE provides infrastructure incentives for public and private commercial fleets that seek to deploy battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology. Sign up for EnergIIZE news and updates by following the link. Please visit for more information.

If you have any questions, please visit for more information, or email the EnergIIZE team at [email protected].

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