Funding status:

HVIP Wave 3 Opens October 28! Approximately $62 million will be available

Dealer Updates

HVIP Dealer Training Now Available for Wave 2

HVIP dealer training is now available for individuals who had not completed HVIP dealer training ahead of the release of the first wave of HVIP funds on June 8th.

  • Individuals who have NOT expressed interest in becoming an HVIP approved dealer to have until July 16th to contact the HVIP dealer trainer if they wish to request vouchers when the second wave of funds are released on August 10th.
  • All dealer training requirements must be completed by July 30th in order for new dealers to become approved and provided access to the Voucher Processing Center (VPC) in advance of the release of the second wave of funds.

As a reminder, wave 1 funds were fully requested on June 8. Voucher requests for private-entity non-drayage purchasers begin again at 10 a.m. on Tues. Aug. 10. Voucher requests for public-entity purchasers and drayage vehicles were not subject to the pause after the initial round of funds were fully requested; they can continue now. Instructions are at

HVIP Dealer Training

The following are the required steps for becoming an HVIP approved dealer:

  1. Review the HVIP training materials:
    1. HVIP FY20-21 Implementation Manual (IM) (in order to ensure you are ready to request vouchers when HVIP opens, it is strongly encouraged that dealers focus on this document, and thoroughly review Sections C&D. HVIP approved dealers are responsible for understanding and adhering to the FY20-21 IM in its entirety)
    2. HVIP New Dealer Training Guide
    3. HVIP Redemption Checklist
    4. HVIP Dealer Resources
  2. Complete the HVIP Dealer Training Quiz. Dealers need to score 100% on the quiz within 3 attempts in order to avoid additional training.
  3. Send confirmation of the completed quiz to A copy of the dealer license, W9, and completed Dealer Registration Form should also be submitted at this time.
  4. Confirm whether or not you would like to participate in the HVIP dealer training phone call.

The dealer training phone call is set up with dealers pursuing HVIP dealer certification and is opportunity for the dealer to confirm their understanding of the HVIP rules and requirements and ask questions about the VPC. Dealers often use this time to clarify the rules in the HVIP Implementation Manual and talk through example scenarios.

Though it is strongly recommended that dealers take advantage of the HVIP dealer training call, the training call is no longer a dealer training requirement. Dealers who wish to skip this step will be considered HVIP approved dealers after successfully completing the above steps and confirming with the dealer trainer their declination to the training phone call.

Dealers interested in participating in the training phone call will be considered HVIP approved dealers following the completion of the call.

VPC accounts for approved dealers will be established no later than August 6th.

Individuals can sign up for their HVIP dealer training phone call through our Calendly Calendar. Each session will be conducted in a group of no more than 15 dealers. Please be sure to send each of the following to BEFORE scheduling the dealer training call; Dealer Registration Form, W9 and copy of dealer license.


Instructions for Submitting Vouchers During the Pause and Creating Drafts

During the pause period, dealers requesting vouchers for public-entity purchasers and drayage can continue to create vouchers in the online Voucher Processing Center. Complete steps 1 through 4 and email to create a Purchase Order line in documents section. Do not use the “Mark Status as Complete” button. When the request is ready to submit, Dealers requesting these vouchers must send an email to with the Voucher Request Name, and the VPC team will submit it on their behalf.

When wave 2 opens on Aug. 10, all dealers will resume using the same VPC instructions followed on June 8. Dealers can find these instructions (step-by-step Voucher Request Guide & video tutorial) within their VPC accounts under the ‘Resources’ tab.

Any draft vouchers in a dealer’s online Voucher Processing Center account for non-drayage purchases by private entities will be deleted on August 6. Dealers are welcome to create drafts to practice the process, however, no drafts will remain in the queue for vouchers when requests re-open on Aug. 10.


As a reminder, HVIP is concerned with approving/certifying individual salespeople, there is no certification of dealerships or organizations as a whole. This may be confused with other funding programs that require dealerships be registered.


Please contact if you have any questions!

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