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A Streamlined Approach

The Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) offers point-of-sale incentives for clean trucks and buses in California. HVIP dealers offer reduced-price vehicles directly to purchasers. Purchasers do not need to submit proposals, complicated paper work or wait to be reimbursed. Incentives are locked in at the time of the purchase order. Dealers process the required documentation.

HVIP’s innovative voucher approach provides a meaningful "kick-start" to the low-carbon clean truck and bus industry. By offering attractive voucher incentives for efficient and clean vehicles, HVIP helps fleet and vehicle owners move into trucks and buses that reduce emissions, fuel consumption and support California’s goals to promote a clean climate future. 

To date, HVIP has helped deploy 2,400 vehicles, accelerating the growth of the nation’s early market of zero-emission and hybrid trucks by 30 percent.   HVIP has successfully increased the demand of these technologies which is proving to advance the industry, create jobs and economic benefits while accelerating the commercialization of these trucks and buses for all.  

Eligible Vehicles

HVIP provides incentives for low-carbon clean trucks and buses.

Eligible technologies include:

  • Battery-electric
  • Fuel cell
  • Hybrid
  • Electric PTO
  • Ultra low-NOx natural gas engines (click here for the brief program guide)
Depending on the duty-cycle or vehicle operation for each fleet/vehicle owner needs, there are numerous eligible -innovative advanced vehicle technologies available through HVIP. Voucher amounts for each vehicle are approved and qualified by the HVIP team. Click here to access the Vehicle Eligibility List of approved Class 2 to Class 8 trucks and buses. 

Apply for a Voucher through HVIP's Vendor Network 

A public or private fleet, large or small, operating vehicles in the state of California are eligible to receive a voucher incentive through HVIP.  All vehicle purchasers must apply for a voucher through one of HVIP’s approved vendors or dealers. Once the vehicle purchaser has selected an eligible vehicle, he or she will receive an incentive discount at the point of sale. The approved vendor or dealer is responsible for submitting the voucher request and required vehicle sales documentation on behalf of the vehicle purchaser.  Each vehicle that receives an incentive must stay in California for at least three years. Click here to contact a vendor through the Approved Vendor List. 

Cleaner Air and Public Health

The fuel efficiency and zero- to low-emission benefits of zero-emission, hybrid, and natural gas vehicle technologies provide a strong public health benefit by reducing harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) and criteria emissions.  HVIP seeks to promote clean transportation in California’s disadvantaged communities that are experiencing the impact of climate change and poor air quality.  The clean and advanced vehicle technologies offered through HVIP will help improve air quality and public health in these important communities.

With 800 fleets participating from across California, HVIP is helping the state meet its clean air goals.

The HVIP is administered and implemented through a partnership between California Air Resources Board (ARB) and CALSTART (selected by ARB via a competitive grant solicitation).